Authentic Jamaican Food

 Please note: Jamaican Me Crazy will be closed on October 20th, 2019, for renovations until further notice.


Come enjoy the best kept secret in Willimantic. Home-cooked, affordable Jamaican food smothered in spices and sauces and brought to your table. From Jerked Chicken to Curried Goat, don’t miss this up-and-coming culinary delight. Our vegetarian menu is coming soon!



Who We Are

Jamaican me Crazy, LLC, is a family owned restaurant in Willimantic (Eastern CT, USA.) The owner and his wife pride themselves on honesty and integrity, and bring a little bit of their home in Jamaica to every bite.

Jamaican Me Crazy has been recognized in the 2014-2016 “Best of Hartford” Advocate/CTNOW Readers Poll, and continues to receive shining reviews on Yelp and Facebook to this day. The restaurant boasts a 4.5 star rating on Yelp.

Commentaries & Reviews

What People are Saying


“Richard and his wife were so sweet and welcoming …Some of best Jerk she’s ever had outside of Jamaica… The flavor, seasoning, and ingredients were all on point.”

Kyle G.

“the real deal!”

“I have had tons of authentic Jamaican cooking, cooked right in my home, so I feel I’m a pretty good judge, and this is the real deal! “

Martha W.

“much respect”

“I hope a hole in the wall place like this run by a mamma and a pop never go out of business. The quality and amount of food I got for $10 should’ve cost me way way more, but I ain’t complaining. Much respect. All I can say is Jamaican me crazy!”

Anurag O.

Get Ready For

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

At Jamaican me Crazy, we are extremely thankful for every customer who comes through our door. New and returning customers allow us to grow and keep us on our feet in a fast paced, changing market.

Every meal is prepared with authentic ingredients and served with care. Enjoy the taste of the Caribbean brought right to your table.

Family owned & operated.

When you support a family restaurant, you support the community.
And as a family owned and operated Jamaican food restaurant, we offer a simple yet authentic menu of classic Jamaican dishes in a very relaxed and casual space. Order food to go, or sit and relax to the melodies of the Caribbean.

Great taste, service & prices.

We strive day-in/day-out to use some of the freshest and most authentic ingredients to create the delicious Jamaican foods that our customers have come to know and love. Additionally, the Jamaican Me Crazy Team continuously strive for great service and prices so that our customers can feel rewarded.

Let's Eat!

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